Getin Holding in numbers


Number of countries, where the Group companies operate

5 1)

Number of sectors, in which the Group companies operate


Number of companies in the Group

15 3)

Total FTE in all Group companies

6 746

Group's net profit attributable to the parent company shareholders for 2016

PLN 259.0 m

Group's equity as of 2016

PLN 3 235.6 m

Group's capitalisation at the WSE as at the end of 2016

PLN 760.5 m



Financial data



1) Poland, Russia, Belarus Ukraine, Romania

2) banking, leasing, financial intermediation, accounting consultancy, public health care and local government unit financing, factoring

3) Poland: Idea Bank, Idea Leasing, Getin Leasing, Tax Care, Idea Money, MW Trade; Romania: Idea Bank Rumunia, Idea Leasing Rumunia, Idea Broker; Russia: Carcade, Centr Karawto oraz Asset Service Finance; Belarus: Idea Bank Białoruś, Idea Broker, na Ukraine: Idea Bank Ukraina

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