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Getin Holding S.A. Capital Group, established by Dr Leszek Czarnecki, is one of the fastest developing Polish financial groups. It is one of the biggest companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (sWIG80 Index).

Getin Holding focuses on investment activity seeking out and implementing projects both in Poland and abroad. The Group operates in the broadly understood financial market – in banking, financial intermediation, insurance and leasing sectors. It aims at increasing value of its companies by their growth coordination and governance. The holding company applies 'twin peak model' to all Group companies, where it is the competence centre in key business areas.

Getin Holding is active in the Eastern and South European markets, where it controls four banks and three lease companies. The Holding's banks specialize in cash loans, car loans, and services targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises. While lease companies provide complex services, such as financing purchases of light and heavy vehicles and medical devices. The strategy of Getin Holding is focused on building business groups that are tailored to specific conditions of local markets.

The Company's mission is to create value by reaching a high return on investment, and consequently tangible benefits for its shareholders. Getin Holding's growth is based on the development of the Group companies, acquisitions, and founding new units.



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