History of Getin Holding S.A.

2001 IPO at the Warsaw Stock Exchange
2003 spinning off the Internet operations to Getin Direct Sp. z o. o.; Getin Holding focuses on investments into the retail financial services sector.

acquisition of shares in Carcade OOO, a lease company based in Kaliningrad, Russian Federation.

Acquisition of a majority interest in Górnośląski Bank Gospodarczy S.A. in Katowice from Bank Przemysłowo-Handlowy PBK S.A.

In August, the bank is rebranded to Getin Bank, and a mortgage bank "Dom Bank" is established.


acquisition of a majority interest in Fiolet PDK S.A., a company rendering financial agency services.

Acquisition of a majority interest in Open Finance S.A., a company rendering financial consultancy services.

Takeover of Wschodni Bank Cukrownictwa and incorporation of its branches to the Getin Bank distribution network, while its banking licence serves to create Noble Bank – an institution providing private banking services.


establishing Noble Funds TFI S.A., a company involved in creating and managing investment funds and providing asset management services.

Acquisition of a 19.99% stake in TU Europa.


Acquisition of a 79.47% stake in TU Europa.

Noble Bank's IPO on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Acquisition of a majority interest in Ukraine based Prikarpattya Bank S.A. (currently Idea Bank Ukraine).

Getin International, Getin Holding's subsidiary unit, concludes an agreement on the acquisition of Sombelbank S.A. in Belarus.


Getin Holding listed on WIG 20 index at the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Acquisition of a 74.11% stake in Dom Maklerski Polonia Net S.A. (currently Noble Securities S.A.).

Merger of two units specialised in financial intermediary services: Fiolet PDK S.A. and Powszechny Dom Kredytowy in Wrocław S.A.


Merger of Getin Bank S.A. and Noble Bank (the newly created company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange as Getin Noble Bank).

Getin Noble Bank's acquisition of a 100% stake in GMAC Bank Polska S.A. (presently Idea Bank S.A.).

Getin Holding's acquisition of a 52.49% stake in MW Trade S.A.

Getin Noble Bank’s sale of a 19.94% stake in TU Europe in a public offering.

Getin Holding's acquisition of a 57.06% stake in Fiolet PDK S.A.


Open Finance's IPO on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Acquisition of Allianz Bank Polska and establishing Get Bank S.A.

Announcing Getin Holding Group’s division spin-off strategy.

Acquisition of a 75.64% stake in Kubanbank by Carcade OOO.

Execution of a transaction agreement with Talanx and Meiji Yasuda, under which Talanx will purchase from Getin Holding a 50% stake + 1 share in TU Europa S.A.


Spinning off Getin Noble Bank with Getin Holding

Get Bank's IPO on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Merger of Getin Noble Bank and Get Bank

Renaming the Powszechny Dom Kredytowy for Idea Expert

Idea Bank’s acquisition of a 74% stake in Tax Care

Idea Bank's acquisition the remaining 26% stake in Tax Care


Renaming Sombelbank on Idea Bank (Belarus)

Renaming Kubanbank on Idea Bank (Russia)

Acquisition 2,03% of shares in Getin Noble Bank S.A.

Takeover of Romanian International Bank.


Idea Bank Poland introduced Idea Clound 

Getin Holding acquired 100% shares of VB Leasing Poland and VB Leasing Romania

Idea Bank Poland acquired debt collecting company - Get Back


Idea Bank's IPO on Warsaw Stock Exchange

Romanian International Bank renamed to Idea Bank Romania

Getin Holding sold 100% shares of Idea Bank Russia

Merger of BIałoruski Bank Małego Biznesu with Idea Bank Belarus


Idea Bank Poland sold Get Back for 825 mln PLN

Implementation of internet banking in Idea Bank Belarus



A selection of awards and distinctions

2012 Getin Holding, as the only company from the financial sector among the top ten companies, ranks eighth (ninth in the previous year) in the general classification of Puls Biznesu daily.

Getin Noble Bank the best CEE bank as regards ROE, according to The Banker monthly (Financial Times)

Parkiet, the WSE newspaper, in the 17th edition of the renowned "Bulls and Bears" contest awarded Getin Holding S.A. the title of the "Company of the Year". The annual award is given to the fastest growing company.

Getin Holding won "Master of Business" award in the Finance and Banking category, the award of "Businessman.pl" monthly and Migut Media S.A. publishing house. Getin Holding won the award for promoting innovative and ethic standards and attitudes in the Polish economy.

2010 Getin Holding ranks third in the ranking of the biggest Polish financial institutions organised by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna daily. In the ranking, proceeds from sales for 2009 were taken into account.


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