Reduction of the share capital of Getin Holding SA

The Statement of the Management Board of Getin Holding SA

The mission of Getin Holding S.A. is to build shareholder value through strategic acquisitions, development and sale of market players operating in the broadly understood financial services industry. Challenges posed by the pandemic, increasing regulatory restrictions and uncertainty on international financial markets create unfavourable conditions for such activity, especially considering the risk and expected return on investment. Other key factors at play include the Company’s difficult legal position and image-related issues, which significantly hinder the Company’s operation in regulated markets. more...


Letter to the Shareholders of Getin Holding SA


We invite you to read the Letter from the Management Board of Getin Holding SA to Shareholders

Presentation for Shareholders


Presentation on the process of changes in equity and payments to Shareholders


In connection with the ongoing process, we have prepared a set of key questions and answers for you, gathered in one place for easier access to information.


Materials related to the EGM

We invite you to read the materials regarding the convening of the Extraordinary General Meeting, collected on the dedicated website


GH Board Meeting
with Shareholders

Formula of the meeting: Video via MS Teams

Dates: November 26, 2021 at 1 p.m.

Video link: Meeting of the GH Management Board with Shareholders


We invite you to ask questions related to the process of reducing the share capital now, by sending an e-mail to the following address:

We would like to kindly inform you that this will be the only form of asking questions also during the meeting, due to technical limitations related to the large number of people interested in participating in the meeting.



If you have any questions, we remain at your disposal.

Please send any questions regarding the process to


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