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First financial results of Getin Holding after the Group's division


Idea Bank is the Group's most recent start-up. Its shares were purchased from Getin Noble Bank for PLN 198.5. Getin Holding intends to increase the company's share capital by PLN 245 by the end of Q2 2012. The bank's fast growth, launch of new products, including savings products, translated to Getin Holding's commission income of PLN 66 million.

During these three months, Idea Bank, which did not have any branches at all just last year, opened 4 new branches – and, now, it operates through 42 branches. The bank concluded a conditional agreement to purchase 74% shares in Tax Care that, in 2011, earned a profit of PLN 26.4 million. The merger of banking and accounting services will allow Idea Bank to build an exceptional relationship with its clients offering them innovative solutions. Q1 2012 was another successful period when Idea Bank Group enjoyed a record commission profit of PLN 38.4 million.

The foreign units of Getin Holding – the biggest Polish investor in the Eastern Europe financial sector – are the most significant assets in the Group. Carcade, a lease company based in Russia, contributed the most to Getin Holding’s interest income. The company's co-operation with Kubanbank in developing products related to car purchase financing allowed for an increase in its sales by as much as 36.7%. Its profit for Q1 2012 totalled PLN 12.1 million.

Idea Bank Ukraine, the car loan market leader holding nearly a quarter of the Ukrainian market share, also achieved excellent results. It ranks among the ten top banks as regards the number of cash loans issued. An 87% increase in retail loans and over two and half times higher growth dynamics of income compared to the growth of costs are the biggest achievements of the bank in this quarter. Idea Bank Ukraine is constantly expanding its branch network, and is present in 17 out of 25 regions.

Belarus based Sombelbank managed to increase its loan issuance by 84%, while keeping the loan risk low.

Financial results for Q1 2012 also include TU Europa – the company's profit topped PLN 37 million. All conditions precedent set forth in the share sale agreement have been fulfilled by TU Europa, and the takeover of the company by Talanx AG and Meiji Yasuda is a question of mere formalities. In connection with the announced tender offer, the subscription for TU Europa shares deadline was extended until 24 May.

We would like to invite you to a videoconference, when Mr Rafał Juszczak, President of the Board of Getin Holding, will present the Capital Groups results for Q1 2012: webcast

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