Information regarding impact of Idea Bank resolution on Getin Holding


The decision of Bank Guarantee Fund (BGF) dated 30 December 2020 concerning Idea Bank resolution and cancelling its shares, will have a negative impact of PLN 151,172 thousand gross on the 2020 stand-alone financial result of Getin Holding. Getin Holding’s equity will be reduced by the same amount as a result of the resolution.

The company also estimates that the size of Getin Holding Capital Group measured by consolidated assets as of 31.12.2020 will shrink by about 80%, yet the BGF’s decision does not affect directly the Holding’s ability to operate in other markets.The Holding has sufficient funds to service its current liabilities.

On 7 January 2021, the Company appealed against the Bank Guarantee Fund’s decision concerning Idea Bank resolution to the Regional Administrative Court.

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