Noble Bank and Getin Bank merge and jointly enter the list of the largest banks in Poland


On 29 January 2009 the Management Boards of Noble Bank and Getin Bank agreed and the Supervisory Boards of both banks accepted the merger plan for Noble Bank S.A. and Getin Bank S.A. The purpose of the merger is the further dynamic growth of both banks and becoming the top five banks operating in Poland. By the merger, Getin Bank and Noble Bank will become one of the top Polish commercial banks with a majority of the Polish equity. According to the published results of the banking sector for the first nine months of 2008 the merged bank would be listed in the top ten largest banks in Poland.

The planned merger constitutes a friendly consolidation of two large institutions comprising the same financial group.  The majority shareholder of Noble Bank and Getin Bank is Getin Holding S.A. – a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Getin Holding holds 99.55% of shares in Getin Bank S.A. and 73.64% of shares in Noble Bank S.A.  The acquiring entity in this transaction will be Noble Bank S.A. listed on the Stock Exchange.  As a result of the merger the hitherto shareholders of Getin Bank S.A. will become shareholders of Noble Bank S.A.

As a result of the merger a fully universal bank will be created which will offer a wide range of financial credit, saving and investment products,
and a wide range of auxiliary financial services both for individual clients and corporations.

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