Idea Bank Belarus

Idea Bank Belarus started in 2004, and now it is one of the fastest growing banks in the Belarusian market. Over the period of 11 years it has served more than 1 million customers and issued 270 thousand credit cards.

Idea Bank maintains a leading position in the retail financial services market. After the bank combined its efforts with the CJSC „Belarusian Bank for Small Business” in 2014, it has been strongly developing the corporate division, which makes Idea Bank more and more attractive to small and medium-sized enterprises.

In 2013 and 2014, the bank became a two-time Grand Prix winner of the prestigious award „Bank of the Year in Belarus”. Professional jury awarded prizes in the following categories: „Best Service for Private Customers”, „Best Service for Legal Entities”, „Best Short-term Deposit”, „Best Long-term Deposit”. In addition, based on the results of the activity in social networks in 2014, Idea Bank Belarus won „Brand of the Year” award.

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