Idea Bank

Idea Bank was created on the basis of GMAC Bank that had been taken over by Getin Holding in autumn 2010. Initially, the bank operated only through the Internet. In July 2011, the first brick-and-mortar branches were opened, mainly in the biggest Polish cities. Idea Bank targets its services at the small and medium-sized enterprise sector that has been neglected by banks so far. This new brand is dedicated to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to support their operations in the still more competitive and dynamically growing market.


Idea Bank started with launching innovative products – it assists in the registration of new businesses filing all the documents with authorities for its clients, in selecting the accounting method and an accountancy company, in opening a business bank account, and it provides financial consultancy. All the services are offered within a "one stop shop" that enjoys popularity with clients who intend to start their businesses.


However, the bank won most of its clients by offering the first free-of-any-charges, unique in the Polish market, company bank account. The bank’s clients may also use their payment cards or withdraw cash from any ATM in Poland, free of charge.

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