Idea Bank Romania

Idea Bank Romania (former Romanian International Bank) is a universal bank present in the market since 1998. The Bank's headquarters are based in Bucharest, and its distribution network as at the end of 2016 comprised 35 branches (15 in Bucharest, and 20 – in other Romanian cities). The Bank provides services to over 30,000 clients with active accounts, employing 343 staff members, and its assets as at 31.12.2016 totalled PLN 1,794.4 million.

Initially, until 2007, the bank focused its strategy on small and medium-sized enterprises that at that time played crucial role in the Romanian economy. Since 2007, RIB has been systematically shifting its profile towards a wide range of universal services offered both to individual and business clients.

Idea Bank Romania is renown in the local market for its innovative and practical solutions. It was first to offer its clients a credit card to be used worldwide. The credit card domestic transactions were settled in RON, whereas in foreign transactions settlement the USD was used. Similarly, as the first bank, it implemented the 3D Secure Standard necessary for Internet payments.

Idea Bank is also the first bank in Romania to offer bill payments in its network of ATMs. ATM scanners read bar codes eliminating the risk of making a mistake while typing in money transfer data.

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