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The company was set up in March 2004, and it provides secure financial services to the Polish health care sector. In September 2007, M.W. Trade debuted at NewConnect. In December of the following year, as the first security issuer, it moved to the main market on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Since then, M.W. Trade has been actively seeking additional funds for its growth, in particular by issuing bonds. In August 2010, the company became part of Getin Holding.


The company offers several financial solutions for independent public health care centres, such as debt restructuring, financing current operations, financing investments, banking, and lease products. It also provides credit facilities to medical equipment suppliers, loans for hospitals intended for purchasing the necessary equipment, lease services for hospitals, subcontracting, and buying instalments. M.W. Trade clients can open a bank account and make a deposit or investment.


M.W. Trade commits its experience and efforts to creating efficient financial solutions responding to the needs of the medical sector. The company co-operates with a network of over 300 entities operating in the medical market.


Close co-operation with Getin Holding Group allowed for significant increase in the availability of the offered products. In 2011, M.W. Trade focused on building its foundations for further expansion in the future and its financial results allowed for keeping the company competitive.



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